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                                                                                                                 Updated: March 2019   

Officials Policy

In the event of a Serious or Fatal Accident

It is unfortunate at some MNZ permitted events a serious (Status One) or fatal accident occurs. There is no doubt that this is a very stressful and difficult time for Officials, it is important the Officials follow the MNZ Guide in the event of a Serious or Fatal Accident set in place and provide all  the paperwork around the incident.

Through the Officials 0800 number (0800 663 245) we will provide as much assistance and guidance as necessary.

MNZ organise counselling for any Official or competitor that requires it, often we have people turning down counselling but they find in weeks and/or months to come they need some assistance. There is no time limit on when we can organise counselling, equally whilst someone says they do not need counselling you may consider from the outside that they do, so do not hesitate to contact MNZ to organise this for one of your peers.

To assist with this MNZ has put in place a guide to a serious or fatal accident which should be followed at all times. 


If you are a Steward or Clerk of Course at a serious or fatal accident you may be stood down from officiating at any MNZ events.


This is for peace of mind and to ensure that officials have time to collate all documentation without having to think about the next event, and to ensure we can provide counselling services as required.

This process is being undertaken with the best interest of our Officials and competitors.


The following policy applies to Officials that wish to also take part in competition as well (this applies to Club events only and excludes ALL series, regional, interclub, club championship or other ‘serious’ meetings):
  • Two or more Officials are required for the one position. If both are competing, they must each be in different classes (i.e. not on track at the same time) 
  • You may get points
  • You cannot judge your own race
  • Both must be correct Grade and discipline
  • If one is injured the other must stop competing immediately
  • One must be available and watching at all times
  • All nominated Officials must remain for the protest period
  • This is not available in Road Race (except for Miniature Road Race)
  • The Clerk of the Course must run a log of handovers and the timings of any incidents. Any crashes requiring medical personnel to attend must also be noted. This log must be included with the CoC report. 
Additional information 
A review will take place in 12 months and it could be revoked immediately if the policy is not being followed. 

Updated February 2019