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Drug & Alcohol Testing procedures for Officials

Motorcycling New Zealand are undertaking Drug and Alcohol testing separate to that provided by Drug Free Sport New Zealand.

These tests will be carried out randomly throughout the country. If you are a Steward at an event where testing takes place, you will be contacted by the testing agency the night before the event. We ask that you keep this confidential and work with them to make this a smooth process for everybody concerned.

The process on the day will be as follows:

  • The testing agents will introduce themselves to the Steward of the event.
  • The testing agents will randomly select competitors for testing from the sign on list and ask the Steward to bring the selected competitor to the designated area for testing.
  • Testing will be carried out before Practice.
  • A form will be completed by the competitor.
  • Verbal results of the tests are made available almost immediately to the Steward of the meeting; advising a pass or whether it requires further analysis .

Should the test indicate that it requires further analysis the Steward must speak to the competitor, explain that they have had a "not–negative" drug test or positive breath alcohol test and advise them that they must be excluded from the event and their licence is to be held by the Steward and sent in to the MNZ office.

The Steward must follow this up by completing a Competitor Infringement notice, to avoid any doubt the infringement on the notice should read either – "not–negative drug test", or "positive breath alcohol reading" (or even both if that is the case).

The penalty should be exclusion from the event and $250 fine. The Rule numbers are 6.23a & 6.23b (Off Road) and 6.32a & 6.32b (Road).

If for any reason a test is refused (drug or alcohol) it will be deemed to be a "not – negative" result and you will follow the process as mentioned above, they must be excluded from the event, an infringement notice to be issued and there licence held by the steward. To avoid any doubt the infringement on the notice should read – refusal of test. The penalty should be exclusion from the event and $250 fine and the Rule number is 6.23a & 6.23b (Off Road) and 6.32a & 6.32b (Road).

You must forward a copy of the infringement notice and the competitors licence to the MNZ office within 24 hours of the event.

Should the competitor refuse to sign the infringement notice, please ask the Riders Representative to sign the notice. Refusal to sign the notice does not invalidate the infringement notice, or the penalty given.

It is very important that as a steward you understand this process and your responsibilities around it, if in doubt please do not hesitate to contact the MNZ office, or on the day you can call the Officials helpline 0800 669 245.

Thank you in advance for your volunteer time to keep our sport fun, fair & safe.