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                                                                                                                         Updated: 4/7/2013

An ATA Carnet allows the temporary duty free admission of goods into foreign countries.  It avoids putting up securting bonds at each customs point, which avoids the worry of retrieving your funds from each foreign agency when the goods exit.

The Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce is the sole guaranterring and issuing association for New Zealand.

In order to obtain an ATA Carnet the applicant must complete an application form with the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, pay the applicable fee and a bank indemnity is required.  The indemnity amount is determined by the country the goods are entering.

On application from a MNZ selected Representative and/or Team the MNZ Board will consider the application of applying on behalf of the team for the bank indemnity.

Approval of application for the bank indemnity will be mady be the full MNZ Board and must be recorded in the minutes of a MNZ Board meeting.

On approval of the application the Represenative and/or Team must complete an indemnity taking full responsbility for the fees that may be payable should the goods not be returned to New Zealand.

The fee for the bank indemnity must be paid for by the team funds, or the MNZ Board will approve a grant to cover the fees, the grant must be recorded in the minutes of a MNZ Board meeting.

The bank indemnity is valid for a three month period, should the carnet not be returned within three months of issue the travelling riders (team funds) must pay for the re-issue of the bank indemnity.

Conditions apply