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MNZ Licence Holders Insurance Scheme

This is a compulsory scheme.  All administrators and current MNZ Competition Licence holders partaking in MNZ permitted events are covered by this insurance.

The policy covers competitors for accidental death only, the maximum amount payable is $10,000.

Claim forms and details on the claim procedures are available from the MNZ Office.

MNZ Permit Holders Insurance Scheme

Public Liability $10,000,000
Indemnity for compensation in respect of unexpected and unintended third party personal, injury or property damage, for which are legally liable.
Also includes Forest & Rural Fires to $10,000,000 and Punitive & Exemplary Damages in NZ $1,000,000

Statutory & Employers Liability $1,000,000
Indemnity for sums which we may become legally liable to pay as a fine or penalty under statute, include defence costs incurred.

International Insurance

See here for further information regarding international insurance.

You may not know..........
MNZ Insurance coverage includes track maintenance & event preparation

It has come to our attention that you may not be aware that with the MNZ Insurance that is provided to all affiliated Clubs, covers your Club & Officials for any track maintenance and setting up leading into a MNZ permitted event. 

You do not need to advise us of the days that you will be completing the maintenance or set up, but you must have already applied for and been issued with a MNZ permit. 

We would encourage Clubs to apply for permits months in advance to ensure you are covered under the MNZ Insurance.

In some instances when you are entering into Forestry, the forest owners insist that you have these days listed on your permit as recce days, you need to add the recce days to your permit application and these will be noted on the permit once it is issued.

You may have also noted the extension of the Public Liability Certificate you have
What do these mean................

Care Custody & Control - $250,000
This is cover if a Club is using equipment not owned by them or their members for a MNZ event and the equipment is damaged during the course of the event.  The cover for the damaged goods would be provided for under this extension.

Forest & Rural Fires - Full policy limit $10,000,000
This extension provides cover for any costs & levies imposed on the Insured if found legally liable for the fire causing damage to forests and rural areas by an insured from their activities. Using an example; if an event is held in or next to a third party's forest or farm and during this event a fire starts from the insured's activities.

Punitive & Exemplary Damages - $1,000,000
These are usually determined by a court and are generally gross negligence (bad faith, fraud, malice, oppression, outrageous, violent, wanton, wicked and reckless) acts caused by the insured which results in bodily injuries to third parties.  For example, during an event a rider recklessly overtakes another rider causing a crash which results in a bystander being injured by flying debris.  If the court deems that the insured was grossly negligent then this extension will respond, however if the court decides otherwise, legal costs will still be paid by this extension.

If you have any queries about the MNZ Insurance policies, please do not hesitate to contact the MNZ Office, we are here to help you.