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Officials Newsletter – October 2016

I know it’s been a while since one of these has gone out. I’ve been a little busy with Seminars. Enough excuses… on with the newsletter. Two subjects this time - helmets and protest committees.

Protest Committees:
Apart from hardly ever seeing a correctly stated Protest committee on the Officials Reports there have been a number of practices that aren’t in the best interests of the CoC, Steward, Riders and/or the organising club.

Note these rules: (Off Road) 7.1.8 or (Road) 7.1.7 Protest committees shall be set up prior to all events. They will comprise of the Steward of the Meeting, a representative of the promoting club, and a representative of the riders.

(Off Road) 7.1.9 or (Road) 7.1.8 The Steward shall be the chairman of the committee. Members of the Protest Committee will be announced at riders briefing prior to practice.

Often the CoC is chosen to be on the Protest committee. Two questions for you;

  1. If there is a Protest who will run the racing? If you don’t have two CoC’s on your Permit the answer is the racing will stop until the Protest is finished (unless the event is already over by the time the Protest is heard). Failure to do this can see the club fined under the conduct of competition rules. The CoC needs to be free to run the event.
  2. Is the CoC from the organising club? If not they can not be on the Protest committee.

Instead of putting the CoC on the Protest Committee - use the Club President, the event organiser, the club secretary… anyone but the CoC. Preferably everyone on Protest Committee should have a general knowledge of the MoMS (the ‘rule book’). 

Firstly please note that the printed helmet specifications in the Road Race section are incorrect:

The correct ECE standard is ECE 22-05, ‘P’. ‘NP’ and ‘J’ are not allowed in Road Racing (only Off Road). It is correct on the website version. A newsletter has been sent out so hopefully everyone knows this now.

A couple of big changes with helmets this year. First one is no cameras or accessories. Seems straight forward to me but there have be a huge number of questions about this. Let me cover the basis.

This is a safety change. It has come from the FIM after discussions with helmet manufacturers after the accident involving Michael Schumacher. This has lead to a ban on cameras and other accessories on helmets from the FIM. 

We keep being asked about camera mounts, GPS trackers, chin piece cameras, all sorts of things… The intent of the rule is NOTHING the manufacturer didn’t put on the helmet will be fitted. No GPS, no cameras, no mounts, no brackets to hold the goggles, NOTHING. 

This is the only way to ensure the helmet will do it’s job properly when needed too.

The other point of note is the removal of Snell M2005 from the allowed specifications. The allowed Snell standards are M2010 and M2015. It would pay to point this out in any supplementary regulations or entry forms to avoid rider disappointment on the day.


Andrew Presant
Officials Commissioner 
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