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Photo: MA & FIM Oceania Concussion Summit attendee meet to discuss this important topic. Left to Right – Steve Martin - former FIM EWC Champion & MotoGP Rider, Phil London – WilSport NZ and Peter Doyle – CEO Motorcycling Australia

MA & FIM Oceania Concussion Summit 2019 conducted in Australia.

In partnership with Motorcycling Australia (MA) and FIM Oceania (FIMO), the pioneering first step of tackling the important topic of concussion in motorcycle sport was conducted at the Motorcycling Australia and FIM Oceania offices on Wednesday in Melbourne, Australia.
This crucial meeting of Australian Motorcycling key personnel from Doctors, Riders, Championship Promoters, Industry and National Federations of Motorcycling Australia & Motorcycling NZ were in attendance. In addition to the Secretary General of FIM Oceania and the FIM Medical Director, Dr. David McManus.
The meeting focussed on a wide range of areas within the topic of concussion. Including defining concussion specifically within motorcycle sports. Medical assessment of concussion at the trackside, care for riders, education for stewards, officials, coaches and teams and reviewing the latest worldwide research and information from Sport Australia.
The fourteen invitees attended included some of the countries most experienced motorsport doctors – Dr Brent May, Dr Greg Harris and Dr Michael Thumm. Rider representatives of Steve Martin – former FIM Endurance World Champion, AJ Roberts – former national off-road champion and Team Manager and Josh Green – FIM ISDE World Champion.
Also attending were MX Nationals promoter Kevin Williams who provided important contributions to the meeting as a national championship promoter for the past 20 years. Motorcycling Australia was represented by Peter Doyle, CEO and Anthony Hynes MA Insurance Manager. Representation from across the Tasman came in the form of Motorcycling NZ Board Member – Hamish Barham and Phil London of WilSport.
Peter Doyle, CEO MA shared is thoughts on the summit ‘’MA highly appreciates the efforts and contribution of all that attend the concussion summit. This is a very complex topic but like all sports today we must find ways to keep our riders safe whilst ensuring we educate and support the teams, officials and families that deal with concussion in our sport at each event. We are hopeful that working as a collective group of experts that strong goals can be established for the future of MA events and MA championships.’’
Another key invitee was FIM Medical Director – Dr David McManus who was able to provide and international prospective to this cruical topic and the view of the FIM Medical Commission (CMI).
“The FIM welcomes and supports this very important initiative in raising awareness of the significance of concussion among all those involved in our sport. It was therefore important that riders, teams, sponsors, organisers, officials and governing bodies were represented as well as the doctors who presented current best medical practice in relation to the assessment and management of concussion.
The exchange of views from these various perspectives was particularly useful to inform future decisions on this important topic. The FIM wishes to thank our colleagues in FIM Oceania, Motorcycling Australia and Motorcycling New Zealand for organising, hosting and facilitating the summit and for inviting the FIM to participate.
It was my privilege to represent the FIM and present our experience and concerns as well as the current and future requirements of the FIM Medical Code in relation to this important topic. The FIM is very willing to support and participate in the ongoing workstreams arising from the summit to ensure the best outcomes for the participants in our sport.” Commented Dr. David McManus, FIM Medical Director & Director FIM International Medical Commission
Early developments from the Concussion Summit include the creation of the Concussion Working Group who will continue to produce positive outcomes from the expert group. The establishment of concussion education programs, creation of rider ambassadors and development of Concussion Guidelines for FMN & CONU Championships.
The Concussion Working Group aims to communicate closely with the FIM Medical Commission (CMI) to provide updates and best practice as developed within the Oceania region to be shared with the wider FIM family.

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