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Expressions of Interest for 2021 Motocross Championship

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MNZ, through the Motocross commission, is pleased to advise Expressions of Interest from MNZ Clubs who wish to hold any of the following motocross Championship events in 2021 is open and applications close on the 5pm 20th of September.
All applications must be on the correct application form. Please download and fill in the application form here and return to

Championship Events
  • 2021 Senior Motocross Championships
  • 2021 New Zealand Grand Prix
  • 2021 Junior Motocross Championships
  • 2021 Supercross Championship
National Events
  • 2021 Motocross TT Nationals
  • 2021 Vets & Women's Motocross Nationals
  • 2021 Mini Nationals
  • 2021 North Island (Senior, Junior & Mini) Champs
  • 2021 South Island (Senior, Junior & Mini) Champs
  • 2021 New Zealand Secondary Schools Champs
  • 2021 North Island Secondary Schools Champs
  • 2021 South Island Secondary Schools Champs
The first round of EOI - 5th August - 20th September (as new rules will be ratified by 1 August)
Procedure for applications:
The MNZ Office will advertise the Events and receive all applications.
- On receipt of the application ‘on the application form’, a confirmation will be sent to the club acknowledging the receipt of the application.
- On closing of the EOI, clubs will be advised a time frame for the Commission to do Due Diligence of the application.
This will vary depending on the number of applications received and the clubs that have applied.
- Clubs may be shortlisted, if multiple applications are received, with unsuccessful clubs advised.
- Clubs that have been successfully shortlisted, they will receive a copy of the Guidelines for consideration and we will further review the application.
The Commission will undertake further consultation, to allow it to select a Host Club.
- Successful and un-successful clubs will be notified
- The successful club, as part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), will have the guidelines incorporated within the contract.
- The successful club will also receive standard Supplementary Regulations to be incorporated as part of the entry form for the event.
It should be noted that if one expression of interest is received for an event, the commission will work with that club. However the Commission will only re-advertise the hosting of an event if the application is unable to proceed.
Our objective is to work with Clubs, especially those that have shown an interest in an Event, as our first priority.
Should an Event not have a host club application or MNZ is unable to award an event, only those events will be re-advertised in round two (5th January 2020- 20 February 2020)
The objective is to have all the upcoming years events allocated by the AGM and to be able to release the Host Club/ Event Calendar at the AGM for the upcoming year.

Notes for Events:
Junior Motocross Championship.
The MX Commission is open to a multi round Championship in 2021. Clubs applying must outline the proposal and be working with host clubs and make a joint application. The preference is the Junior MX Championship is held within school holidays; however Clubs may make application with an alternative date.
Mini Motocross Nationals.
The MX Commission preference is these are hosted in the September/October School holidays; however clubs may make application with an alternative date.
Island Champs.
The MX Commission is looking for clubs to host either the North or South Island Champs, in-conjunction with an existing regional event.
Schools Champs.
In-conjunction with New Zealand Secondary Schools Sport, the MX Commission is looking for clubs to host the New Zealand Secondary Schools Champs alternatively in each Island. This maybe as part of the Island event each year.
Should any club have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the MNZ

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