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Mitchell Rees Appeal

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This appeal, arising from the decision to allocate points from the incomplete Superbike Race 3 held at Round 4 of the NZSBK Championship on the 5th March 2017 was heard by the Motorcycling New Zealand Judiciary Committee on Saturday 8th April 2017.


The Appeal Committee appointed Errol Conaghan as Chair, Dan Batchelor and Jim Doherty were the second and third members. MNZ appointed an independent Secretary to record proceedings.


The meeting Steward Warren New along with Second Steward Trevor Heaphy and Mitchell Rees were present.  No witnesses were called.


After hearing from both parties and reading various supporting documentation presented, it is the unanimous view of the Committee, that points must be allocated as ½ points for the first part of the race and ¼ points for the second part.


The race initially scheduled to run for 20 laps was stopped after an accident with 4 laps completed.  Under rule 6.21Ba, the race is now considered to be of more than one part.  Rule

6.21Bd requires that half points will be awarded to each part.  The race was restarted to run the remainder 16 laps however the new race was then stopped after 6 laps due to another accident.  The provisions of rule 6.21 again apply.  The restarted race is now considered to declare a final result.  Again ½ of the available points are awarded to each part. This being ¼ of the original points.  The second part of the second race did not get restarted so no points for this are allocated.


The appeal was successful and the results will be updated.  These results will be updated on the MNZ website.


MNZ Judiciary Committee


Errol Conaghan (Chair)

Jim Doherty

Dan Batchelor


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