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Competing Internationally

Motorcycling New Zealand handles the processing of any international licences for any FIM sanctioned event held in New Zealand or Internationally.

Any event that is placed on the FIM International Calendar has an International Meeting Number (IMN). If there is an event that you wish to compete in overseas and it has an IMN, you will require a valid FIM International Licence in order to compete. 

If it doesn't have an IMN, you are required to obtain insurance and compete using a Start Permission and your MNZ Licence. 

NOTE: From 1st January 2019 the FIM Riders’ Insurance Scheme comes into effect which means that FIM Licences will automatically come with world-class insurance cover. You no longer need to organise your own personal accident insurance for an FIM licence. However; an FIM Licence can now only be used for events that have an IMN and are therefore on the FIM calendar.

You must present your FIM licence and/or a "Start Permission" at the event's sign-on. You may be asked for this documentation prior to the event by the organisers or the country's motorcycling governing body. 

A Start Permission is a document from MNZ that certifies that a rider is authorised, insured and clear to race. MNZ will send a copy of an FIM Licence and Start Permission to the particular country prior to the race meeting. 

If you are unsure what you require, you will need to check with your particular event's organisers whether you require an FIM licence, and what type. Contact Jannine if you need help. 

For any other non-FIM sanctioned event that doesn't have an International Meeting Number that you wish to compete in overseas, you must have an MNZ Championship Licence and a Start Permission. In order to obtain a Start Permission, you must also have the appropriate insurance organised (see next section below for more details).

For more information on FIM Licences & Start permissions, please download and read through our Frequently Asked Questions

Download the 2020 FIM Licence application form

NOTE: From 1st November 2019 the FIM will mandate that every competitor wishing to apply for an FIM Licence must complete the On-Line Anti-Doping Education Program (ALPHA).

This will require prospective licence holders to complete the following:

  • Complete the ALPHA program
  • Obtain a certificate of completion, this is provided on completion of the ALPHA program
  • Provide the certificate of completion to MNZ in addition to their FIM Licence application. 

MNZ would like to advise any competitor considering competing in an international event, or likely to compete in an international event in the future, to complete the course now in order to make the licence application process easier when this change comes into effect.

You can access the course at

If you require any help completing the course please contact Danielle on 07 828 7852 or

If at any stage you have any queries regarding this process please do not hesitate to contact Jannine at the MNZ Office. Email or phone 07 828 7852 ext 5.

Insurance Requirements

As mentioned above, from 1st January 2019 the FIM Riders’ Insurance Scheme comes into effect which means that FIM Licences will automatically come with insurance cover. You do not need to organise your own personal accident insurance as you had to in the past. 

You will, however, need to organise your own insurance if the overseas event is not on the FIM Calendar and does not have an IMN.

Motorcycling New Zealand's broker is Aon New Zealand. Contact Jason to organise your personal accident insurance for racing overseas: 

Jason Bodmin
ph: 07 837 7108
mob: 0272370490

Jason will ensure you have the correct cover whilst competing overseas. Once cover is confirmed, MNZ will be informed and a Start Permission will be produced for you. 

All riders who compete in sanctioned events must have insurance which meets the FIM minimum standards:

70,000 Euro      Permanent Disability
15,000 Euro      Medical & Dental 
35,000 Euro      Fatality 
7,500  Euro       Repatriation 

In some instances the insurance provider may advise that you require top-ups to this insurance, depending on the country that you are intending to compete in.

Of course it is advised that you take out travel insurance - Aon New Zealand can help you with this. 

You may choose to organise cover through your own insurance provider, however MNZ has teamed up with Aon New Zealand to provide the ultimate deal for our members.