Advancing the sport of motorcycling

Sean Clarke

Born: 1967 -

Inducted into MNZ Hall of Fame: 2016

Early on Sean’s ability on a motorcycle was recognised, when he was 11 years old he when riding an old farm bike near Kinleith in Tokoroa he stood out and the decision of his father on advice from others that he needed a new bike.From there Sean never looked back, being placed at Junior Motocross Championships in the early 80’s. 

He then made the change from Motocross to Enduro, when making that change it was evident that Sean had a winning ability winning two separate Enduro Championships in 1998, a New Zealand Enduro Championship and the Australian Enduro Championship (A4DE).

From there Sean winning prowess continued, winning a further 17 New Zealand Enduro Championships from 1992 to 2015.   Sean also won the popular Tarawera 100 on one occasion and was runner up five times.

From the New Zealand Championships, Sean then went on to compete further afield and competed at International Six Day Enduro’s (ISDE) representing New Zealand on a number of occasions. Winning Gold Medals when the ISDE was held in Australia on two separate occasions in 1992 at Cessnock and 1998 at Traralgon.  And winning silver medals on two further occasions in 2005 in Slovakia and 2008 in Greece.

Sean also turned his skills to the Red Bull Romaniacs, an Extreme Enduro event held over four days testing rider and machine.  Sean was placed 9th in 2011, won the event in his class in 2013, was placed 3rd in 2014 and 4th in 2015.

Sean doesn’t just compete in the sport of Enduro, he was the MNZ Commissioner for a number of years and an event organiser.

Sean was key to the 2006 ISDE being held in New Zealand, quickly being appointed as the Event Director and was the FIM accredited Clerk of the Course for the event.

The planning for the event started in 2004 with many of months taken in preparation for the event.  Sean had quickly gained the confidence of everyone from landowners, Government Departments to the hundreds of volunteers involved in the event.

As a consequence of the successful event,  New Zealand won the prestigious Watling Trophy the first time in its history it went to event organisers rather than a team and Sean was the Administrator of the Year in the South Waikato Sports Awards.

Sean is a true Ambassador to the Sport.