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Paul Treacy2

Born: 1959 -

Inducted into MNZ Hall of Fame: 2016

Paul has been a person who few perhaps know of his ‘behind the front scenes’ incredible expertise.

Paul has been a pillar in the support of New Zealand and other countries riders to help them attain major victories, including World Championships by his knowledge and lust for thinking outside the envelope to develop engines and chassis well ahead of even factory research teams.

Born in New Zealand, Paul went through the New Zealand apprenticeship training programme, becoming the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ in his final year of training.  Along the way he competed in NZ Hare Scrambles (now know as Cross Country), Enduro’s etc. which then led his developing Honda XR200’s to fever pitch, a first step towards what was to be a lifelong career.  Into Road Racing he prepared a Yamaha XJ750 for the NZ Castrol 6 hour race followed by the similar event in Australia for riders Richard Scoular and Peter Fleming, winning the 750cc class.

This jumped into a career that took him to USA, running on a budget that had a gauge always ‘showing empty’ but developed Yamaha RD350’s to the extent that the bike shop owner got serious about the road racing exposure, when they imported Kiwi Richard Scoular to beat the local American riders to their despair, which he did many times using Paul Treacy prepared bikes.

Adding to his CV Paul hosted one of our first NZ ISDE Teams as we passed through USA on our way to Wales in 1982.  Unable to resist he followed us to the event and worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the Kiwi ISDE Team members had as much mechanical and moral support to get them to the end with the best possible result.

Paul made UK his base to assist Kiwi’s Richard Scoular, Des Barry and Richard Scott to considerable successes in the Isle of Man, North West 200, F1 & F2 World Championship events.

But this didn’t mean just preparing ordinary bikes, but for example cutting a crankshaft of a VFR750 in half to change it to 360 degree configuration to match the factory Honda being used by Joey Dunlop.  Honda was so impressed they got Paul to build a NS500 out of discarded spare parts from the Rothmans GP team comprising of Wayne Gardner & Ron Haslam.

But to prove a point Richard Scott rode as a wild card in the Spanish GP at Jerez & finished 10th.  The bike came back to NZ for Richard for the summer Road Race series & Paul returned to the UK where he joined the famous Kenny Roberts factory Yamaha Team.

A steep learning curve followed with Paul  becoming in 1998 fully attached to the Kenny Roberts Team but now dealing with the more complex work of developing data acquisition systems for engine & chassis design of GP bikes, working closely with Mike Sinclair creating an adjustable swinging arm pivot, surprising the factory Yamaha Teams. 

Paul was involved with the Kenny Roberts privately owned team where they built a 3 cylinder 2 stroke, where Paul was involved in the ignition & engine management system.

Paul also assisted Bill Buckley in 1999 & 2000 with his BSL 500 GP project.