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Free One Event Licences

MNZ wishes to advise that as of the 1st of August 2017 Clubs will no longer be able to apply for free One Event Licences for Club Days.

All riders who do not hold a MNZ Licence will be required to either purchase a One Event Licence at the event or obtain a MNZ Licence before the event.

Clubs can continue to apply for free One Event Licences for the following events:
- Training Days
- Have a Go Days
- Practice Days

We ask Clubs to encourage riders to obtain a $50 Club Licence by sending in two previously purchased One Event Licences (these can be free O.E.L's) with their New/Welcome Back Licence Application Form. 

This discount is not available via Online Licencing.

Permits already received with free One Event Licence applications will be honoured.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us


Clubs have previously been advised if you are holding events for or in conjunction with another organisation (third party) then we must have a third party agreement in place the third party agreement template can be found on the MNZ website – see this link.

As this is a template you must change this to suit your requirements and what you are doing at the event and what the third party is doing at the event.  It is recommended that the “third party” have their own public liability insurance, that covers events including fundraising  (the third party should check with their insurer motorsport is covered) as the third party may be found liable rather than the Club.

Motorcycling New Zealand must send the third party agreement to our insurer for approval, therefore it must be submitted with the permit application at least 14 days before the event. If it is not received within 14 days we may have to decline your permit application.

The most recent events that have required such agreements are Street Road Races and Trail Rides.

We have had questions around when a third party agreement should be in place, the best way to describe this is – when a third party is involved in any way- when damage at an event can be caused by a third party, this includes for example school committee being marshals at a trail ride, the school committee members marking out the track. 

We are seeing our Clubs hold more and more trail rides on behalf of other organisations and we suspect this is due to the newly created “Adventure Activity Guidelines”.  Clubs need to ensure that they are fully informed about the event and take control of the event when obtaining a permit on behalf of a third party, as ultimately your Club is responsible as your Club is the name on the permit.

As a Club holding events on behalf of third parties as fundraisers it is our strong recommendation that you take total control of the event, and the only part in the event for the third party is that they are the named charity and they can run the sausage sizzle.  Your Club could charge the third party for setting up the event and being there on the day to run the event, all funds over and above the cost of the event would then go to the charity.  This way there is no confusion with who can be found liable should something unforeseen happen and your Club will ensure that all MNZ rules and policies are followed it eliminates any grey areas.

As a Club do not feel pressured to take a permit out for any third party organisation if you do not want that responsibility or cannot provide the support to the event.  We cannot stress this enough.

If in doubt please contact the MNZ office and we can talk this through with you further.

Permit application forms have been updated to include all new information, please see the new forms, all Clubs will be sent a supply of new forms by way of post, please destroy your existing forms and replace them with the new forms you are to receive.


Frequently Asked Questions - Third Party Agreement

If our Club is in total control of an event, but have Marshals provided by another group do we need a third party agreement?

As long as the marshals are acting as an employee or volunteer to the Club a third party agreement is not required they will come under the MNZ policy of the permitted event.

Our Club is going to take out a permit on behalf of a Charity/School, what is the best way to deal with this?

The charity/school should stick to the fundraising side of the event, and the Club the organisation role of the event.  You need to stay clearly in these roles draw up an agreement between your Club and the charity/school to who is responsible for what and the fee for the Club to organise the event, remember to take into account all scenarios what happens if the event is rained off will your Club still get back for the organising of the event.  Have regular meetings or updates with the charity/school to ensure all expectations are met.

If you need some help drawing up and agreement please contact the MNZ Office.

Practice Days

Permits for practice days have been introduced so that Clubs are covered by the MNZ insurance, a Club must apply for a practice day permit.

Practice Days are not for racing, they are simply for practice, riders going out for a specific time or number of laps to practice, there should not be a group start, the finish of the practice session would be indicated by a chequered or red flag.

In order for the MNZ Insurance to apply you do need to ensure that you follow the basic criteria as listed below:

 Club to apply for a practice day permit (fee $55)

 All riders must have a MNZ Licence of some type
   Free One Event Licences can be applied for.

 Flag Marshals to be at all flag marshall points as per a Club day

 Steward & Clerk of Course to be in attendance

 First aid to be in attendance as per the MNZ Manual of Motorcycle Sport

 All riders to wear correct safety apparel as per the MNZ Manual of Motorcycle Sport


Do competitors have to have MNZ Licences?
Yes they do, your Club can apply for fee one event licences for this event.

Can we add racing into the practice day? 
No you cannot, the permit is specifically for practice, all riders must have either an MNZ licence or be issued with a One Event Licence, there is to be no racing.

How often can we hold practice days?
You can hold as many practice days as required by your Club.

Special Event Upgrade Information & Instructions - Updated 13/5/15

Recently MNZ introduced the rules around Special Event Upgrade Licences, these have been introduced to assist both competitors and Clubs specifically for Championship events. 

In some cases there is only one Championship event a year in which a competitor wishes to compete in, therefore having the option to upgrade to a Special Event Licence for that event will help the competitor as they can purchase a Club Licence and then pay a one off fee for the upgrade for that one Championship, an example of these events that a Special Event Upgrade Licence may be used is; New Zealand Miniature Road Race Grand Prix, New Zealand Motocross Grand Prix (it is not restricted to these events only). 

It is also seen that this option will help the Clubs as they may have more entrants to their events as the competitor does not necessarily have to purchase a Championship Licence.

In order to have a smooth transition in introducing this Special Event Upgrade Licence we have put in place the following guidelines:

  • Clubs must apply for their permit 90 days in advance of the Championship Date
  • It must be noted on the permit application that the Event wishes to use the Special Event Upgrade Licence
  • On the Entry Form, (which must be submitted along with the permit application and any Supplementary Regulations) you must have a section in which competitors indicate they require a Special Event Upgrade Licence, you will be required to charge a fee of $50 for this licence. It is the Club’s responsibility to collect this money.

  • The wording on your Entry Form in the Classes section shall be:
    Special Event Upgrade Licence: For all riders who are competing in the Championship classes who hold a Club Licence, you can purchase a special event upgrade licence, this licence must be applied and paid for with this entry form by entry closing date. You must have competed in more than; Senior 3 previous MNZ permitted events; Junior & Mini 6 previous MNZ permitted events.  Proof of which will be from your log book.  A rider can only purchase one Special Event Upgrade Licence in a licencing season – Fee is $50.
  • Once your permit has been approved along with the Entry Form & Supplementary Regulations you can then distribute your Entry Forms.
  • Only riders entering before closing date will be eligible for Special Event Upgrade Licences. Special Event Upgrade Licences cannot be applied for on the day of the event, nor can they be applied for by late entrants.
  • As you start receiving entries for the event that require Special Event Upgrade Licences, you will need to advise the MNZ Office of the riders who have applied for these licences (or if you prefer you can do this at entry closing date; as long as there is enough time for riders to be notified should they be declined). Approval will be returned within 48 business hours. Should a rider be declined you will be advised within 48 business hours, with a reason for the decline. It will be the responsibility of the Club to advise the rider.
  • At the closing date you will be provided with stickers to be placed in the riders logbooks that have been granted the Special Event Licence. These will need to be placed in riders logbook at sign on.
  • At the closing date you will be invoiced for the number of Special Event Upgrade Licences that have been provided. However, you will be invoiced at $45 each as we know that there is additional paperwork that your Club is required to do to ensure this will work for all parties. Therefore you will keep $5 from every Special Event Upgrade Licence.
  • The Steward & the Clerk of the Course of the event will be provided with a list of competitors who have been approved for the Special Event Upgrade Licence


Permit Fees

Club Day (per day, all disciplines) - $85.00
~With no entry form, supplementary regulations or prize money

Club Day (per day, all disciplines) - $100.00
~With entry form, supplementary regulations and/or prize money

Trail Ride (per day) - $150.00 + Rider Levy (see here for more info)

Practice Day/Have A Go Day (all disciplines) - $55.00

Have A Go Day with and Entry Form - $100.00

Training Day - Free

New Zealand, North Island or South Island Championship Event - $275.00

New Zealand, North Island or South Island Trial Championship - $140

Street Road Race - $750

International Meeting Number (IMN) $100 + MNZ Permit Fee