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Club Address Information

Your Club is required to keep Motorcycling New Zealand up to date with your Club Address and the details of your key Club Officers. 
Please complete this form when you have a change of officer in your Club.

Club Officials Nomination

Keeping in line with the Manual of Motorcycle Sport and Constitution your Club is required to nominated your Officials (Steward, Clerk of Course & Flag Marshals) each year.  Please complete this form and return it to Motorcycling New Zealand before Officials Training is held in your region.

Disclaimer of Liability

All competitors must sign this form, it is provided with all permits issued by Motorcycling New Zealand.  This form can be used at MNZ permitted events only.
The disclaimer can be included into your Entry Form or can be signed on the day at sign on.
MNZ Disclaimer for sign on sheets
MNZ Disclaimer - Entry Forms

Media Accreditation

Motorcycling New Zealand strongly suggest that Clubs use this media accreditation form for their events.  It is important that you know who is at your events and their qualification and backgrounds, additional to using this form you should have all media sign on when they arrive at the event, and ensure they are wearing a fluro vest, it should not be yellow.

Please be mindful with the increased use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, commonly known as Drones, that all users must satisfy the Club/Event Organiser, Venue Owners that they can operate them safety and within the CAA requirements.

Officials & Assistant Sign On Sheet

All Officials and their assistants must sign on prior to your event, this is for insurance purposes.  This form is provided with all permits issued by Motorcycling New Zealand.  This form can be used at MNZ permitted events only.

One Event Licences - updated 15 July 2015

One Event Licences are $25 (incl GST) each and are in books of 25.  Clubs are invoiced for these at the time of ordering them.  To order One Event Licences contact [email protected]
It is normal process to post the books to Clubs, however we can courier these at an additional charge of $10, you must indicate you require them couriered at the time of ordering.

Clubs have the ability to apply for free One Event Licences by using the application form.
To assist Clubs to encourage new riders into the sport and being part of a Club based system, we are offering Clubs (on application) 100 One Event Licences on an event by event basis. 
Clubs will also be provided free One Event Licences for Training Days, Practice Days and Have a Go Days.

We envisage events that may use these are school events, club introduction days, but there may be many more ideas that you have as a Club.

If you are holding a school event where there are a lot of One Event Licence required we can work with you to include these into the entry forms rather than having each rider complete the licence on the day.  However, you need to contact the MNZ Office well in advance of the event to put this in place.


Can we assume that we will automatically receive the One Event Licences?
No, you must apply for them each application will be judged on its own merits

Is there a limit to how many times our Club can apply?
No, there is not you may apply in as many circumstances as your Club see fit however there is a limit of 100 free one event licences in any one year (1 January to 31 December)

We also remind you that One Event licences can now be issued at all events to fit in with our current rules; ie; for Motocross a One Event Licence can be issued to a rider aged 4 years.

One Event Licences can also be made available for Championship events, when a rider has a current MNZ Competition Licence but has forgotten it for the event. The reason for this is to help take the pressure off Stewards & Club Officials. However, there is a clause which states if the rider is found not to have a current licence, or any reason to deem them ineligible to ride then a fine of $1,000 would be incurred and the incident would be referred to the Board of MNZ.