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MNZ Life Member Nomination

Criteria for Life Membership Nomination:

  •     These are prestigious honours that are not awarded lightly nor earned of right.  They are  awarded for long, well documented and meritorious service.
  •   Recipients must have during their time, advanced or improved the sport of Motorcycling significantly, such that their contribution is widely recognised as outstanding.
  •    Recipients ideally should be life members at club level before being considered at national level.

Nomination Process:

Please complete the below nomination form with relevant details on the individual.  Include as much material as you can to give the Board a complete understanding of their involvement and contribution to the sport.

MNZ Life Member Nomination Form

Criteria and Guidelines for Life Membership and Life Membership Nomination

MNZ Life Members

Mr Robin Atkins
Mr Errol Conaghan
Mr Bob Cooke
Mr Dave Craig
Mr Jim Doherty
Mr Gerald Dyer
Mr Tim Gibbes
Mr Trevor Heaphy
Mr Noel McCutcheon
Mr Del Morgan
Mr Murray Perry JP
Mrs Sandra Perry
Mrs Frances Scammell
Mr Neil Ritchie
Mrs Carmen Davidson
Mr Robert Grover

Robin Atkins

Robin Atkins

I rode my first event at age 13 on a BSA Bantom at Ocean Beach (Hawkes Bay) then rode Scrambles (MX).  I joined the Napier Motor Racing Cub in 1955 then played at Speedway at Meanee.  I then went to Sidecars and Road Racing.  I shifted to Tokoroa where I founded the South Waikato Motorcycle Club in 1967and joined the Hamilton Motorcycle Club.  I became a Steward for Auto Cycle Union in 1968 and did 21 years running Trail Rides in Kinleith Forrest to raise funds for the South Waikato Clubs Motocross track and grounds.  I become more involved in Road Racing but in 1978 I had a bad crash in the Marboro Series which finished my racing so I got engaged in administration.  I started an event for 4 stroke Motocross and called it Thunder Cross which is now the 4 stroke nationals.  I got the rules entered into the rule book at Conference then I got Supercross going and the same for the rules.  I became a FIM Steward for 10 years in the 80's & 90's and have been a Senior Steward for many years.

Bob Cooke

Bob Cooke

My involvement with the ACU (Now) MNZ started  in 1961 as the District Steward for Nelson and that role was kept until 2003.

I have now served 54 years as a Steward in many changing roles.

I attended my first ACU Conference in the mid 60’s as an Observer for the Nelson NMCC and become Nelson Conference Delegate in 1971 and I have been in that role on and off for many years.

I became a Life member of MNZ in 2005 and I have enjoyed that role with many of my Life members.

I have always been a critic of the Rule Book ( Manual of Motorcycle Sport) for a very long time and I am still doing my best to update the Sporting Rules for the benefit of Officials and the Competitors.

I have met so many nice people within the sport and those memories will live on with me. 

Gerald Dyer

Gerald Dyer

I was born in England in 1929 and came to New Zealand in January 1950.  Joining the Southland Motorcycle Club in 1952.  I have remained a member of the club ever since, being made a life member in 1981.  During that time I have served as a committee member, treasurer and two spells as secretary.

After returning from a visit to the U.K including a trip to the Isle of Man TT I got my competition licence in 1964 and have taken part in most aspects of racing in Southland.

Being appointed District Steward in 1967.  After retiring from farming in 1190 I again became secretary for 7 years, then retiring from that to again become the Southland District Steward.  I am now also a Grade 4 Steward and a Grade 4 Clerk of the Course.

During this time the club acquired its existing grounds which have been developed into a top grade MX Mini MX track.  Also on the same grounds a speedway was built and is now one of the best in New Zealand.

Tim Gibbes

Tim Gibbes

To view Tim's profile please click here 

Trevor Heaphy

T Heaphy

I first got involved in the sport when I joined the Auckland Motor Cycle Club Inc in 1974, assisting as a Flag Marshal, until I started road racing on a home built Yamaha 350 in 1977. My first race was a Marlboro Series 350 race amongst all the visiting International riders (you wouldn’t get away with that now, but times were different then!) This was upgraded to a TZ250C in 1979, which was sold in 1982, at which point I became more involved in the organisational side of things, initially at a club level. I became a Club Steward in 1985, progressing to Assistant District Steward in 1986 and have been a Steward continuously since then, culminating in being made a Senior Steward in 2009.

Over the years, I have made the odd foray back into competition on a range of machines, including 250 and 350 Production and Clubman’s class on a 1989 RS250 Honda. However, during this time I have remained more involved as an Official and have held several roles within MNZ (and prior to that the NZACU). These include Board member 1991- 1994 and 2008/9, Road Race Commissioner 1992 - 94 and 2001 - 04, R/R Commission Member 1997 – 2001. My main role within AMCC has been as Clerk of the Course, which I have carried out since the mid 1980’s including every Paeroa Street Race since the first one in 1991. I was made Life Member of the club in 1990 and Life Member of MNZ in 2015.