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Corporate membership

MNZ Corporate Memberships are now available and provide you and your company with the following key benefits:

  • Access to discounts through our members benefit page (available on the MNZ website)
  • Access to tickets for our key championship events including 2 hospitality tickets to the NZSBK and Senior Motocross Championship each year in recognition of your membership.
  • Regular communication on our sport – including monthly newsletters.

As per Rule 4.1.7 of the MNZ Constitution, corporate members must be business entities and not individuals. They are not required to be a member of an affiliated club.

Corporate members shall not be engaged in the organisation or running of non-permitted competitive or non-competitive motorcycle sport events in New Zealand unless contractual authorisation and Board approval is provided by MNZ. 

Corporate members may have a representative attend the MNZ AGM but have no voting rights.

Please refer to the MNZ Constitution for further guidance around being a Corporate Member.

If you would like your business promoted through our Member Benefits page and have an exclusive offer to provide to our members please let us know.

To apply for a Corporate Membership, please download the application form here