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Guidelines in applying for MNZ Rider Grants

The Board of Motorcycling New Zealand set aside each year funding for rider grants. 

Clubs are the first point of call for riders in applying for funding.

Clubs have the ability to help riders with funding and fundraising; after these avenues are exhausted the Club can then make an application on behalf of the rider – ideally the Club (or nominated representative) and the rider would complete the application together.

Funding will be allocated four times a year. Applications are to be received by the 20th day of the following months – February, May, August and October.

Provided the application contains all the information we need it will be discussed at the Board's next meeting.

Retrospective Applications:

We cannot approve applications for events that have already been attended.

You need to allow enough time for us to process, consider and make a final decision on your application.


The decision of the Board relating to your application will be sent to the Club applying for the funding, and the rider will also be notified.

Should the application be successful the grant will be paid to the applying Club who in turn pays it onto the rider.

Rider Grant application form


Damon Rees - The Circuit Club Inc
$1,000.00 to enter the World Superbike Championship

Hamish MacDonald - Christchurch Offroad Motorcycle Club
$2,500.00 to enter the World Enduro GP Series in Europe

Cormac Buchanan - Southland Motorcycle Club
$1,250.00 to enter the Oceania Junior Cup in Australia

Red Bull Romaniacs 
$2,500.00 to enter the Red Bull Romaniacs

Brooke Dalley - Patetonga Motorcycle Club
$500.00 to enter the Go Girl Racing event in NSW, Australia

Cody Cooper - Cambridge Motorcycle Club
$1,000.00 to enter the AMA Pro Motocross Championship

Dylan Ball - Ixion Motorcycle Club
$2,500.00 to enter the World Moto Trials Champs in Europe and Japan

Jay Lawrence - Victoria Motorcycle Club
$1,000.00 to enter the Isle of Man

Jacob Sroud - Hamilton Motorcycle Club
$1,000.00 to enter the Moto America

Seth Reardon - Wanganui Motorcycle Club
$1,000.00 to enter the US Grand National Cross Country Series

Rogan Chandler - Victoria Motorcycle Club
$1,000.00 to enter the Moto GP in Phillip Island