Thank you to all those who voted - Voting has now closed

Candidate Information:
Off Road South Island Nominees
Dave Craig
Noel May

South Island Representative Nominees
Dave Craig
Dean James
David Morris
Paul Searancke

North Island Representative Nominees
Graeme Billington
Ray Broad
Paul Stewart

Road North Island
Voting is not required for Road North Island as there is only one nominee, therefore Glen Williams has been appointed for a two year term, Glen has provided some information for all members.
Glen Williams

There is one person who has been nominated for two positions, our Constitution does not currently provide a solution should the person be voted in for both positions.  We have sought the advice of our lawyer; the advice given is that the most practical way to resolve the issue if it is to occur is that the person relinquishes one of the roles and the solution would be to appoint the next highest voted person to the role.