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    Cambridge Motorcycle Club gets consent
    Cambridge Motorcycle Club can continue using its existing track in Cambridge for at least the next five years.
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    Solid result from Team New Zealand in Italy
    A mix of youth and experience earned Team New Zealand a top-20 result
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    MNZ seeks new General Manager
    Longstanding sports-body Motorcycling New Zealand is seeking a General Manager to oversee its operations and develop the sport within New Zealand based at the Huntly Office.
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    Kiwi riders ready to rumble
    Team New Zealand is in Italy and ready to take on the best motocross riders in the world this weekend
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    MNZ & Speedway NZ extend agreement
    MNZ and Speedway NZ continue to foster the sport of motorcycling
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    Dates and Venues for MX Nationals announced
    It's time to get out your calendars and scribble in a few special dates and places
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    FIM Oceania Update
    FIM Oceania, Motorcycling Australia and Motorcycling New Zealand are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Glen Williams as Acting President of FIM Oceania
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    MNZ General Manager moving onto new challenges
    Vicky leaves us on excellent terms and we are all sad to see her go
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    Mike Pero Southern Classic 2016
    The most exotic collection of two-stroke race machinery ever assembled in NZ
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    FIM, FIM Europe & Dorna announce restructured European Championship
    FIM, FIM Europe & Dorna announce restructured European Championship
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    MNZ offers Riders Assistance
    Hamish and Angus MacDonald tell their story from the Red Bull Romaniacs
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    FIM Oceania battle will go to the wire at Round 6 ASBK
    The 2016 FIM Oceania Road Racing Championship is set to go down to the wire
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    Update on MNZ Administrative Review
    The board of Motorcycling New Zealand wishes to thank the clubs, commissioners and persons
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    Duncan does it!
    There are two riders in the FIM Womens Motocross World Championship who felt they had a point to prove
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    Coaching by New Zealand's Best
    With Motocross of Nations Team Members Copy Cooper & Hamish Harwood
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    Talented Trio named for Italian Campaign
    New Zealand will pin its hopes on a mix of youth and experience
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    Frost and Hampton to wave kiwi flag in Australia
    The Australians can expect a potent two-pronged attack
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    If you think you're a Champion sign up now!
    Asian Talent Cup - Apply online now
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    Shorai Batteries - Post Classic International Motorcycle Challenge
    Labour Weekend 2016
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    Dunlop to headline 2016 Suzuki Series
    A man who has been described as the "best motorcycle street racer in the world" will be coming to New Zealand