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Rule Changes - Effective Immediately

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MNZ would like to advise the following rule changes effective immediately. 

These rules pertain to Appendix K – GIXXER Cup 150 Regulations and have been ratified under rule 14.10 (Road) where the Road Race Commission has the power to vary Championship Class rules where necessary.

Current bullet point reads: Tail light and rear indicator/number plate bracket
Change bullet point to read:  Rear indicator/number plate bracket

Change minimum weight from 200kg to 183kg

Change to Control Tyres for GIXXER are:
140/60-17R AL-14H DUNLOP REAR

New Rule – 1.12 (Safety)
The side stand bracket must be removed.  Care must be taken to not damage the frame rail during the removal process.  The approved method is to use a steel cut off blade on an angle grinder.

Please update your Manual of Motorcycle Sport to include these changes.


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