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Following the statement released by the Governance Board on the 13th July 2017, details and the process moving forward are as follows:


An unusual set of circumstances has occurred surrounding the election of the North Island MNZ Board Member.  It was discovered after the MNZ AGM that the elected Road North Island Board Member Mr Grant Vinten was in fact not a member of MNZ.  There is an onus on the nominator and nominee to complete the nomination form to the required qualification level.  There is also an expectation that MNZ and Audit Company BDO would cross check nominations, however in this instance the membership number quoted was incorrect and the error was missed. 

Once the Governance Board was aware that Mr Vinten was not a Member of MNZ at time of nomination & election legal advice was obtained.

As per the MNZ Constitution 5.1.4 “All Officers shall be Full members (and not Affiliated Club) at the time of their nomination and election.”

The issues moving forward are difficult as the two other nominees were both tied on 5 votes each.  The opinion was that had the situation been discovered earlier then the process of how members may have voted could be different.  Also Mr Graham Bastow had withdrawn from the election process to support Grant Vinten’s application.  In discussions with Mr Rex Mincher & Graham Bastow it was clear that they are both affected parties and natural justice would only be performed by carrying out a new full election process for the Road North Island Board position.

The election statement was made and the process moving forward is as follows.  The process includes the election of a person through to the next AGM as per 20.2 of the constitution “Notice of any such decision so made shall be given to the next General Meeting and shall be voted on by Full members”  any questions can be asked regarding the special set of circumstances that have occurred.

Conditions and procedure for the special election of MNZ board member North Island Road:

• To be eligible for election as an Island Representative, the member must be nominated and voted for by full members residing in the Island being represented at the time for the election.

• All Officers shall be full members (and not an Affiliated Club) at the time of their nomination and election.

• MNZ advises that nominations will open on the 21st of July 2017. Nomination for the vacant position shall close and must have arrived on the correct form by electronic email only at the address of the Voting Auditor (BDO Waikato) no later than 4th August 2017.

• MNZ shall no later than 5 working days following the close of nominations forward or make available to members so entitled voting instructions and candidate(s) information on the MNZ website

• The voting information shall include the notification of the nominees for the position and nominee background information, voting forms (or instruction for online voting) for the vacant position and instructions for the completion and filing of voting returns with the Voting Auditor on the specified closing date for voting being 15th September 2017.
Postal votes (if any) being postmarked 10 calendar days before the closing date

• All voting papers shall be passed unopened to the Voting Auditor with a current register of North Island eligible voting members from MNZ.

• All valid voting papers must be on the original forms, photocopies of the original may be used with the consent from the Office Management.

• The Voting Auditors shall receive and count the votes.

• On the nominated election results date of 2nd October 2017 the auditor shall pass the certified results in a sealed envelope onto the General Manager of Operations at MNZ at the location of BDO audit offices Waikato.
The sealed envelope shall then opened by an MNZ life member in the presence of the MNZ President or another MNZ board member, The MNZ General Manager of Operations.
An independent third party who shall also be present (a Justice of the Peace, or a member of the NZ Police, or a Registered accountant, or an official auditor)
The MNZ Life member shall announce the results to those present.
Note: Any candidate that is standing for the position and any member of MNZ may also request to be present.

• MNZ shall announce the official results within 24 hours on its website.

• Subject to the foregoing provisions, Officers shall hold office from the conclusion of the announcement of the election at which they are elected until the next AGM of MNZ, - whereupon full members present shall be asked to additionally vote on and confirm the appointment for the remaining period of the officer’s appointed term (as per 20.2 MNZ constitution)

• Ineligibility: The following persons shall not be eligible for election;

a: Bankrupt: a person who is undischarged bankrupt or is subject to a condition not yet fulfilled or any order under the Insolvency Act 1967, or any equivalent provisions under any previous or replacement legislation;

b: Disqualified Director: a person who is prohibited from being a director or promoter of or being concerned or taking part in the management of a company under the Companies Act 1993 or the Charities Act 2005 including any equivalent provisions under any previous or replacement legislation.

c: Conviction: a person who has been convicted of any offence punishable by a term of imprisonment for two (2) or more years (whether or not a term of imprisonment is imposed) unless that person has obtained a pardon or has served the sentence imposed on them.

d: Property Order: a person who is subject to a property order made that the person is lacking in competence to manager their own affairs under the protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1998, or any equivalent provisions under any previous or replacement legislation.

e: Will not have an outstanding debt or a current Code of Conduct matter with Motorcycling New Zealand Inc.

f: If an elected Board member contravenes items, a,b,c, d or e under rule 5.1.13, they then must be made subject to a Governance Board of no confidence (see8.26).

Please click HERE for the Board Nomination Form


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