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MA Welcomes New Members to the Board of Directors

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After a comprehensive search for outstanding candidates to help strengthen and add value to motorcycling sport in Australia, Motorcycling Australia (MA) is delighted to welcome three distinguished and highly qualified applicants; Tim Edwards, Steve Joslin and Roy Chamberlin to the Directing Board of MA.

Tim Edwards
The CEO of Prodrive Racing Australia, (formally known as Ford Performance Racing), Tim Edwards is a name synonymous with motorsport. He has over 30 years experience working in racing with career highlights including Formula 1 (from 1991 to 2004) with the Jordan Grand Prix Team, the Supercars Championship and even Special Advisor to the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games. Currently, he sits on the Supercars Commission in addition to running the motorsport / engineering business (Prodrive Racing) that employs over 80 staff.
“I’ve always had a passion for two wheels, riding myself when I was a kid,” said Edwards. “Obviously I haven’t been able to ride as much as I used to these days, but I’ve always maintained the interest and love of bikes. Both my boys race motocross, so that consumes a fair bit of my time - aside from my commitments in Supercars. I’ve always been around the industry for decades and I’ve got a real passion for the sport. The opportunity arrived for the position on the MA Board, and I thought I could make a contribution.
“I obviously know a lot of people in the industry from road race to speedway to motocross and I have a lot of acquaintances across many disciplines,” according to Edwards. “I don’t have any preconceived ideas or changes in mind. As MA is in a rebuild phase, I will go in with my eyes wide open.
“It’s hard to choose a highlight from my career so far, obviously our first win with Jordan Grand Prix Team back in 1998 with a one two finish. Everyone in Australia grows up watching Bathurst, and I was no different, so winning a couple of Bathurst’s and a championship with Prodrive Racing was special," Edwards concluded.
Steve Joslin
The avid motorcycle fan based in Melbourne, believes he will make a perfect fit for the MA Board. Joslin has extensive experience on the boards of other not for profit organisations such as 'C2C Housing' based in Cairns. A highly experienced and outcome focused technology executive, with over 27 years of involvement working for major organisations in the consultancy, financial, legal, accountancy, health, and education sectors.
Joslin shared his enthusiasm for the new role; "The reason I applied to be on the MA Board of Directors, is that I've ridden bikes for many years and I have always had a keen interest in all forms of motorcycle racing and sport in general. It's a colourful board with with a huge amount of diverse skill ranges made up of people from racing backgrounds, television backgrounds, finance, legal, racing and administration to name a few. They are scattered all over Australia which makes them accessible to everyone nationally, and are always available for advice and guidance.
"There are not many Boards that have such a diverse range of members as MA." Joslin said. "My expertise is high-end technical and information technology. I think progressive organisations have a technological and digital focus at all levels, and that's something I am very interested in - especially within the motorsports and sporting industry. I am also very focused on and interested in digital advertising and marketing,” Joslin finished.
Roy Chamberlain
Chamberlain is a business operations executive with extensive experience in strategy development and change management. He has a life time passion for competition and participation in motorcycle sports including Motocross, Superbike, Off-Road and recently, Adventure Touring.
“I am very excited by the opportunity. Motorcycles have been a significant part of my life and it’s an honour to attain this position,” Chamberlain stated.
“I started out on dirt and had an overwhelming passion for Motocross so I was reasonably successful in that, in a time where Stephen Gall and Anthony Gunter were racing,” according to Chamberlain. “It was an amazing period for Motocross. Riding for Kawasaki NSW was a standout, then moving to road racing. Highlights included racing in the Castrol Six Hour and Bathurst. The second part of my racing career involved racing in Suzuka 8 Hours as well as road racing at a national level. In the last two years, I have competed in the Finke Dessert Race and did reasonably well. All the people that you meet in the motorcycling world are incredible.
“I’ve just retired from CSIRO after 36 years there in an executive role. Although I’ve never been part of a board, I have a lot of experience around boards so being able to marry that with motorcycles is an exciting opportunity. At the moment I want to listen and see where my colleagues think Motorcycling Australia is. My long term objective is to to expand the availability and access for all ages to become involved in motorcycle sport, whether it's for fun, competition or to become an Official. I particularly want the Officials and Volunteers to be recognised,” Chamberlain finished. 

MA Acting President, Peter Goddard was pleased with the new appointmets to the MA Board, adding; "We’d like to thank all the applicants, it’s great to be back to almost a full complement of directors and our compliments to our new National Nomination and Remuneration Committee." Goddard said. "The new directors not only bring their passion for motorcycling but a diverse and broad range of experience and skills in key areas for the future of MA.
"We welcome the new board members and look forward to getting on with building MA into an organisation that every motorcyclist in Australia wants to be a proud member of, as a unified national sport and recreation."

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