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MEDIA RELEASE - 2017 NZ Superbikes & Road Race Championships

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The first round of the NZ Superbikes & Road Race Championships was a huge success with fantastic racing, great weather & crowd and a meeting that ran like clockwork courtesy of the well-oiled Motorcycling Canterbury team. But the new live stream package from i-Film did not live up to the standard expected by you the viewer, nor Motorcycling New Zealand as the customer. I-Film have issued a full refund to all those who signed up for the show and an apology.  Chris Penman of i-Film explains further;

MEDIA RELEASE i-Film  -  Live Broadcast of Round 1 Superbike & Road Race Championships

We wish to apologise to all the fans, family and friends who tuned in and experienced a very-disrupted Live coverage of this event.  The problem experienced was in getting the HD Broadcast to the internet via a 3rd party which means the livestreaming was  affected but all the races were still filmed and recorded.  We are producing the show again from the recorded information and uploading it for you to watch (free to view).  For Live events we always try to plan for potential problems and in this case we had major problems with the internet connection and when we resorted to our backup 4G system we experienced issues with that system too, exacerbated by a power failure on site taking out various equipment including the Timing operation.  All systems were tested  prior to the event so we are continuing with our investigation to fully diagnose the failures to prevent reoccurrence. We are a small company but we have over 6 years’ experience in Live streaming from around NZ with many different sporting groups and are thrilled to be part of MNZ event coverage.  We are devastated with this live broadcast failure.  We want to help MNZ grow the sport and appeal to new fans and participants, so to help with this the Round 4 coverage on the 5th March will be Free to View.  We hope you will enjoy the coverage and see the great potential Live streaming has for promoting your sport. The TV show highlights are unaffected and will screen on Duke as planned.  The On-Demand (Replay) video of Round 1 at Ruapuna will be ready for viewing by 13th Jan and you can view it on:  or  

Yours Sincerely
i-Film broadcast crew

The media strategy for the 2017 NZ Road Race Championships had a number of key objectives to improve the presentation and profile of the series for this season, and future series in the coming years. Some areas from the past few years were deemed not up to the required standard required to grow sponsorship. The live streamed show of the Mike Pero NZ Grand Prix is free from Friday 13th January, and you can watch it as many times as you like. MX Timing are providing results on-line for the series and are using the CTAS web service as their sub-contractor. 

Robert Cochrane 
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