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MNZ Mobile App & Renewing your MNZ Licence online

Online Licencing is available via the MNZ App via this link.

The MNZ App is Free to download onto your smartphone or tablet via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Here are some help documents for the MNZ App

Logging in for the first time

How to Renew your MNZ Licence



2020/2021 MNZ Licence

Licencing for the 2020/2021 Season will open at 9am Friday 5th June. 

The Board of MNZ has recognised the restrictions COVID-19 has put on our sport and have taken this into consideration when setting the licence prices for the 2020/2021 season.

  • Licence renewals have been discounted by 25%
  • First time licence fees will remain the same as the 2019/2020 season. 

Renew your licence via the MNZ App HERE

Licence types that you can apply for are listed below. If you have any queries please contact the MNZ Office either by email or phone 07 8287 852. Your local Club will also be able to help.

You will need to complete a paper application if you would like the following discounts:

  • Family discount (for family members relicensing at the same time, living at the same address) Discounts are 10% for 2 family members, 15% for 3 family members or 20% for 4 or more family members. 
  • First time licence with two OEL’s (must provide copies of two One Event Licences purchased within the last six months)

CHAMPIONSHIP Licences (renewal) 

Senior & Junior = $183.75
ATV = $138.75
Trial = $138.75
Over 65 years are free. Minis only require a Club licence.

A Championship Licence is required for all members who are competing at a New Zealand, North Island or South Island Championship event and Street Road Race.

Note: MX Minis no longer require a championship licence. Only a Club Licence is required to compete at the 2019 Mini Nationals. Championship Licences are also no longer required for the single-round 2019 Vets & Women's Motocross Championships.

Championship Licence Renewal Form

CLUB Licence (Renewal)

 Senior, Junior and Mini = $105.00

A Club licence is for members who are competing at all other MNZ events (excluding the above-mentioned events) including support classes at Championship events.

Club Licence Renewal Form

CLUB Licence (
First Time / Welcome Back)

$80.00 or $50.00 if 2 One Event Licences (purchased within the last 6 months) are sent in with your application.

To be eligible for this discounted Club Licence you need to be a first time applicant or have not held a MNZ Licence for 3 or more years. This discount is not available via Online Licencing.

New/Welcome Back Application Form 

When completing your application the following links may help:
Getting Started in Motorcycle Sport
Manual of Motorcycle Sport - Road
Manual of Motorcycle Sport - Off Road

Special Event Upgrade – for Club Licence holders:

Clubs hosting Championship events (New Zealand, North or South Island Championships) excluding Street Road Race have the ability to provide at their events a Special Event Upgrade Licence. This allows a Club Licence holder to upgrade on the day to a Championship Licence. Notification of this licence being available at events will be made by the host Clubs by way of their entry form. Conditions of being issued with a Special Event Upgrade Licence are:

  • Fee $50
  • Competitors must indicate at the time of entering that they require a Special Event Upgrade Licence
  • Competitors must have competed in a minimum of:
    • Seniors – 3 previous MNZ permitted events
    • Juniors – 6 previous permitted events in the same discipline that the Special Event Upgrade Licence is being applied for, proof of which will be in their Log Book.
  • Limited to One Special Event Upgrade Licence per licencing year (1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019).

If you wish to compete at a Championship Event using this option check with the organising Club to ensure its availability.

Alternatively you can download the renewal form – Renewal Form and either post, fax or email this back to us.  If emailing you will need to print the form off, complete and scan a copy back to us – we suggest you do this in black and white otherwise the file size maybe too big.

You must be a member of a MNZ affiliated club before applying for your MNZ Licence.  All MNZ affiliated clubs are listed on our website under each region – look on the front right hand page of our website


If you have any queries regarding what type of licence you require, contact your local club as they will be able to walk you through the process, or alternatively contact the MNZ Office.


We are aware that in some areas the postal service has decreased to three days a week. 

Whilst we try to process licences as quick as possible, we cannot control the amount of time that they take to get to you.

You may choose to have your licence couriered to you at an additional cost. However, if you need your licence urgently we would recommend you using this. 

Members Benefits:

Don’t forget our members benefits that you can take advantage of as a MNZ member, we hope that these savings go a little way towards helping you attend events. 

We also remind you that as part of your MNZ Licence you are automatically insured for accidental death ($10,000) this is valid whilst competing at NZ permitted events that require a MNZ Licence (does not apply to One Event Licence Holders or Trail Rides).  All MNZ permitted events are also covered by our extensive insurance package to protect all of those at the event, from Officials through to competitors.

We look forward to having you as a member again for the next season, for what is going to be another great year for Motorcycling.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Non-Racing Member

Do you want to join MNZ and make use of our members benefits but not race?

Are you wanting to race at a couple of club events per year but no more?

As an associate member you are entitled to vote and can ride at 2 club events.

To become an associate member of MNZ, download this form - Fill it out as an associate licence and you are ready to go.


Mini & Junior Motocross

With the upcoming Mini Motocross Championship events as well as Major Junior Championships we have been fielding an increasing number of enquiries around the requirement of having competed in at least six MNZ permitted Club events prior to competing, for which proof shall be from the riders log book.

Given that many riders have been competing on One Event Licences, via this bulletin we are providing clarification around the requirements of having the six MNZ permitted events noted in the log book.

To make up the required six permitted events, there is allowance for a competitor to use three One Event Licences as proof of events, copies of the One Event Licences must be stapled into the front of the logbook. For the remaining three events there must be entries from MNZ permitted events in the logbook.

Junior Motocross – 250cc 4 Stroke
Recently we have also been fielding enquiries around the age limit for a rider to compete on a 250cc 4 Stroke machine. As per the Championship classes in the MNZ Manual of Motorcycle Sport, a rider must be at least 14 years of age before competing on a 250cc 4 Stroke.

If at any stage you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the MNZ Office; phone 07 828 7852 or