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Motorcycling New Zealand Championship Events

Clubs may wish to apply for MNZ Championship events, Commissioners will advertise when these events are ready for applications.

A Club must send to the MNZ Office a written application outlining the Championship/s they are applying for along with the proposed date of the event.  Included with the application should be all documentation as outlined in the MNZ Championship Protocol below.

Motorcycling New Zealand Championship Protocol

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                                                                                                                   8 August 2013

Recently MNZ introduced the rules around Special Event Upgrade Licences, these have been introduced to assist both competitors and Clubs specifically for Championship events.

In some cases there is only one Championship event a year in which a competitor wishes to compete in, therefore having the option to upgrade to a Special Event Licence for that event will help the competitor as they can purchase a Club Licence and then pay a one off fee for the upgrade for that one Championship, an example of these events that a Special Event Upgrade Licence may be used is; NZ Veteran Motocross Championship; New Zealand Miniature Road Race Grand Prix; New Zealand Motocross Grand Prix (it is not restricted to these events only).

It is also seen that this option will help the Clubs as they may have more entrants to their events as the competitor does not necessarily have to purchase a Championship Licence.

In order to have a smooth transition in introducing this Special Event Upgrade Licence we have put in place the following guidelines:

  • Club must apply for their permit 90 days in advance of the Championship Date
  • It must be noted on the permit application that the Event wishes to use the Special Event Upgrade Licence
  • On the Entry Form, (which must be submitted along with the permit application and any Supplementary Regulations) you must have a section in which competitors indicate they require a Special Event Upgrade Licence, you will be required to charge a fee of $50 for this licence.  It is the Club's responsibility to collect this fee.
  • Once your permit has been approved along with the Entry Form & Supplementary Regulations you can then distribute your Entry Forms.
  • Only riders entering before closing date will be eligible for the Special Event Upgrade Licences.  Special Event Upgrade Licences cannot be applied for on the day of the event, nor can they be applied for by late entrants.
  • As you start receiving entries for the event that require Special Event Upgrade Licences, you will need to advise the MNZ Office of the riders who have applied for these licences (or if you prefer you can do this at entry closing date; as long as there is enough time for riders to be notified should they be declined).
    Should a rider be declined you will be advised within 48 business hours, with a reason for the decline.  It will be the responsibility of the Club to advise the rider.
  • At the closing date you will be provided with stickers to be placed in the riders logbooks that have been granted the Special Event Licence.   These will need to be placed in the riders logbook at sign on.
  • At the closing date you will be invoiced for the number of Special Event Upgrade Licences that have been provided.  However, you will be invoiced at $45 each as we know that there is additional paperwork that your Club is required to do to ensure this will work for all parties.
    Therefore you will keep $5 from every Special Event Upgrade Licence.
  • The Steward & Clerk of the Course of the event will be provided with a list of competitors who have been approved for the Special Event Upgrade Licence.